Thank You – CassioFest 2018

WOW! Where to start?! CassioFest 2018 surpassed all our expectations, thanks to YOU!

We cannot express how grateful we are for the donations of toys, jam jars, bottles, cakes, raffle prizes and more importantly, the time and help you gave to make it happen; both in preparation and on the day.  We feel so privileged to have witnessed our school community come together so beautifully to bring forth this event. Thank you to everyone that attended. We really hope you and your families had an amazing afternoon;  we certainly did.

We would also like to extend a very special thank you to Mrs Cooper and Mrs Sherry, and their amazing staff for their ongoing & incredible support. Please continue to support us by liking our pages on Facebook and Twitter; the larger our digital presence the more sponsorship we can achieve for future raffles and donations and the more successful our events.

We would love your feedback about the day so we can make sure next year is even better, or come to our next meeting and get involved – we have great fun together and will always welcome new faces to our happy team. Email