Funded by the CSA

The aim of the CSA is to raise funds that go towards the improved well being of our children. Through the money we raise, we fund projects for both schools such as white boards, computers, playground extensions and outdoor equipment that would not otherwise be in the schools budget.

Below is a list of items recently funded so as to give you an idea of how your amazing support is put to use. It is one of the CSA’s aims that we split and allocate funds as equally as possible between schools over a sustained period.

– Sports equipment (Juniors)
– Reading Enrichment books (Infants)
– Payment towards multi purpose sensory room (Infants)
– Payment towards iPads for Music room (Juniors)
– Grant payment towards Music Cabin flooring (Juniors)

– Reading Books for the teaching of writing (Juniors)
– 20 Digital Cameras (Juniors)
– 50% towards ICT equipment YR2 classrooms (Infants)

– ICT Suite (Juniors)
– New playground equipment (Infants)

– Year 5/6 tables and chairs (Juniors)
– IT Equipment (Infants)
– IT Equipment (Juniors)

– Classroom Visualisers x 8 (Juniors)
– Multiplay Tower Climbing System (Infants)
– ICT Suite (Infants)
– Swimming pool paint (Juniors)

– ICT suites (Juniors)

– Projector for school hall (Infants)
– Library furnishings (Junior)
– Cycle shelter (Infants)

– Library (Infants)

– Computers (Juniors)
– Outdoor seating equipment (Juniors)