Forthcoming vacancies on CSA committee

A reminder that our Annual General Meeting will be held on Thursday 5th October this year. It’s always a great opportunity to welcome new parents from new intake to the CSA and a chance to boost the number of supporters our organisation has.

The AGM is particularly important this year as a number of committee members will be stepping down from their elected positions. These are at present:

Melanie Mack – Chair

Rebecca Godecharle – Chair

Jamie Parkins – Digital Officer 

The CSA is therefore looking for at least three new members to take on the roles of Chair, Vice Chair and Digital Officer from October onwards.

Attending the AGM is very important because we are a registered charity, and without a good turnout we won’t be quorate and can’t officially begin fundraising activities for the year.

Without a properly elected committee in place the CSA will not be able to function and therefore meet its objectives of raising funds for the school. Events like the Christmas and Summer fairs, the discos, readathons and other fundraisers will simply not happen. At a time when funding to schools is an ever increasing challenge the role of the CSA continues to be of significance.

We ask all parents to have a think over the summer about standing for any of the above roles or even sharing it with a friend. It’s hugely enjoyable and means you get to be involved in the heart of the schools activities.