M25 Dads – Q&A with Kevin Flynn

It’s the last of our Q&As with the M25 Dads, so say hello to Kevin!

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Q. So who are you and which classes are your children in?

My name is Kevin Flynn and I am a father of three Scarlett the Badger, Ruairi the Rabbit and Evan… yet to be classified as a specific animal.

Q. What was your first thought when the idea was put to you?

First thought:  Wow that is a long way.

Second thought:  Whilst I like Dartford and Gravesend surely there are more scenic routes for a 200mile cycle ride.

Third thought:  Great bunch of guys and a great cause how could I say no.

Q. What bike do you ride?

I am riding a rare vintage 2000 Schwinn GLX Supersport with a 7005 aluminium frame.  I am actually allergic to carbon fibre and going fast hence this choice of steed.

Q. What are you most looking forward to?



Q. What are you least looking forward to?

Cycling into the school fete dressed in a tight lycra all in one.

Q. How is the training going?

Less said here the better.

Q. What is your cycling power food of choice?

Steak and Eggs

Q. What’s the furthest you’ve ever ridden in one day to date?

60 km (oh dear!)

Q. Can you do a wheelie?

No, but I have done a full somersault and landed on my back… not one to repeat.

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